About VOiCES


VOiCES was born from 
a simple idea: bring together English speakers who want to learn Spanish and Latin Americans and other Spanish speakers who want to learn English within the same space in order to generate the opportunity for them to talk, practice the languages and learn from each other.

But beyond being a conversation club, VOiCES sees itself as an educational project that seeks the individual and collective emancipation of those who resist to conform to living conditions that far from promoting, are hindering our ability to grow and better ourselves at the personal, human and social level. 

This is why VOiCES hopes to bring together people from all walks of life that are wiling to share and learn from each other, fostering 'spaces of convergence', dialogue and solidarity across communities, activists, workers, students, young and adults in the City of London. 


We run mobile conversation clubs that are not just about improving language skills, but a meeting point for social, cultural and human dialogue in which participants are open to learn and teach each other.

We are starting off the project at the 'Electric Elephant'. This is a friendly local cafe in South London that is opening up their spaces for those of us who want to engage in this exiting adventure of mutual learning and growth!

This is NOT an English or Spanish class. It is rather a space to practice, a conversation club / network or language exchange, BUT with a very specific purpose: To find our VOiCES, individually and collectively so that we can speak up for ourselves and fight for our rights.


We are anchored in the belief and first hand experience that there is no VOiCE without language, in other words, we need to find safe spaces where to develop our self confidence, so that we can speak up and stand up for ourselves. English classes are very important and wherever we hear of new English learning opportunities we will support and encourage our participants to attend. But we think that as migrants we need to discover and grow our own VOiCES, and this cannot be achieved without really getting to know the 'locals', which for us means creating solidarity links and learning from each other in the everyday spaces of this city, that is also OUR city.

We want to reclaim our right to live and move around London, to engage with other Londoners and to learn to get to know each other.


We are a group of Latin American activists working in convergence with other activists and groups across the city of London

If you want to find out more about us just drop us a line at voiceslanguageconvergence [at] gmail.com or visit our facebook page

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